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Kinte inspired crew neck T-shirt by STREET CHIEF

www.street-chief.com (at www.kenyanstylista.tumblr.com)
Steppin out

Shirt: #Uniqlo
Denims: #Zara
Shoes: #HouseOfFraser
Accessories: @djmissray  (at Bacchus Lounge)
#TBT Lovely designs by my friend Anne of KIPUSA
 (at www.kenyanstylista.tumblr.com)
#BLT wrap 

#vscocam #vsco #nairobi  (at Java Capital Center)
I just had to take photo📷. 

👠👗💄Loving Diana’s look  (at Valley arcade)
The special at Monikos today is just the bizzzznessss!!! 

 (at Moniko’s)
The fish bowl at SEVEN… 
I highly recommend it.

I am on cloud 34 lol *hic* (at Seven Sea food and Grill)
Lunch tingz

Tender calamari finished with a rich garlic and butter. To wash it down, a bowl of “Tsunami” cocktail (at Seven Grill & Lounge, Village Market)


Movie Legend by Vince Low

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"Blogging ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it”


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