Are You Ready For KikoRomeo 007 Bond Show tomorrow??

A show like no other I tell You! The KikoRomeo 007 Bond Show Is Something Not To Miss!! Going down at the Yaya Centre on Wed 22nd Feb starting from 7:30pm

Our very Own Kenya Rugby Team Modelling The Collection! ( Ladies Did yu hear Me), The theme Is All James Bond 007. From The Jaguar Car coming in, Smoky Ice, And you Would Love to see Who Is Going to Be The james Bond!

Headliner Sponsor also known as our Goldfinger sponsor JAMESON IRISH WHISKEY.
(Jameson Irish Whiskey – Triple distilled twice as smooth & No hangovers the day after. BUT PLEASE DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE.)
PS: Super smooth Jameson BOND Whiskey Cocktails to be served on the Night of the KikoRomeo 007 Bond Show.

Next in Line is Jaguar, yes the one and only Jaguar as the Casino Royale Sponsor.
Jaguar a driving force in design, engineering and innovation.
PS: Bond, James Bond will be stopping by accompanied by one or two beautiful Ladies in his choice of car, so you are definitely guaranteed to see at least one Jaguar on the Night of the KikoRomeo 007 Bond Show. 

SIERRA PLATINUM one of the Sponsors for the KikoRomeo 007 Bond Show.
They Will be throwing a fantastic AFTER PARTY at Sierra Brasserie at The Yaya Centre. 
PS: Beware that it’s a party you will not want to miss out on!!

Tickets only Kshs 1500/= at The Kiko Store in yaya, Harlequins Bar, Capital Fm Offices & Kooroo at the Le Rustique

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