Franca Sozzani Got Married?

Franca Sozzani Got Married?

According to an African newspaper, Franca Sozzani, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, has married the Ugandan oil magnate Charles Mbire. Reached on the phone in Lagos after a six-hour flight, she said the reports were false, laughing: “The marital status I prefer is being single.”

 This is what we published (tongue in cheek) a few hours ago:

"Has Franca Sozzani got married?

 For a few hours, the news that the Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief has wedded the Ugandan oil tycoon Charles Mbire has been going around the web.

 It’s currently not possible to contact the Editor: she’s not responding to emails or calls. We can only report the news as it appeared in a Ugandan newspaper, which someone made a scan of this morning, while we’re waiting for confirmation or denial.


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