Nick’s work is a mesmerising melange of motifs. His medium is ethnic prints: from paisley to bogolan to impressions of kuba cloth.

Chico Leco presents his Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Urban Hunter - a unisex selection inspired by Man’s innate ruggedness, his hunger for adventure, raw primitivism and the human need for desire.
Read more about the collection here: (PDF).

Fashion short film directed by Jim Chuchu, featuring models Knicco Hodge and Fiona Muthoni as the killers, and models Great Toluwase, Brian Onyango, Lucarelli Onyango, Emo Rugene and Nick Mwaniki as the victims. Makeup by Bellesa Africa. Sound Design by Adeiyu.

Chico Leco is a program of the NEST.
For more information, visit

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