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Move over Tyson Beckford, Uche Aguh is on his way! lol

Uche Aguh is a 22 year Nigerian model/clothing designer/actor/writer/artist/stylist among a number of other things studying medicine in the states, and the newest face of Sasha Zaikowski, a notable fashion photographer in the Texas area. The two recently worked together for a fashion campaign for the photographers website. The shoot was fun and easy and all the looks were created by Uche.

"As a modern day African man I have huge ambitions which some times, almost seem completely unrealistic but I never loose sight of my focus in life. As Africans we are taught from an early age that education is the one and only; we are pushed into medicine, law, engineering etc. It was not until recent that African kids started aspiring to be models and fashion designers and working in other spectrum of the creative world. As a young child growing up in Nigeria, I always knew I was a bit different than most kids my age. I excelled in academia especially in the sciences but I also had a huge knack for drawing and stage plays. I figured my desire to pursue either of the latter would be repressed as I became more and more advanced in my science career but the exact opposite happened. If there is anything I am grateful for, it is the fact that God or whomever blessed me with a fully functional and forward thinking left side and right side brain; I was able to excel in both academia and the arts and I think that in the long run I would like to show future generations that indeed it is possible to do just that."

He only started modeling just a few months back, and currently being developed and visiting agencies

For more info about Uche follow him on twitter at @IamUchenna



Franklin Saiyalel is Kenya's leading Male Fashion blogger. He shares with you his thoughts and ideas on all the things he is passionate about such as the brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. The people he focuses on are those whom he considers to be trendsetters, visionaries and forward thinkers who are shaping the world around them.

"Blogging ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it”


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