Bhavna P Talwar, a design and style consultant ventured into the creative arena 18 years ago, where she started her International design career. With that came the exposure to the world of luxury; as she started working for ”5-star” hotels in India and overseas.   Some of the brands Bhavna has worked with include, the TAJ GROUP, the MANDARIN  ORIENTAL & was integral in the design and set up of high end spas for these brands.

 With time SAMSKARAS Jewelry was born, another talent she had in her bag of tricks. She started her first collection almost ten years ago. BROWNS-in London was the very first shop that bought her entire collection. BROWNS is also synonymous with bespoke luxury brands. Bhavna gets her inspiration from her heritage in Rajasthan, India and her extensive travels.

Some of Samskaras jewelry customers include a couple of ministers in Nairobi, socialites in London, fashionistas in Dubai plus  a few royalty in India.Samskaras Jewelry can be found at Coco Chic in the village market. 

To find out more about Samskaras, checkout their website HERE don’t forget to bookmark it