Camp Mulla’s Deal With Universal Music Group

By Muhinza Bushoki

Social media was abuzz last week when news of a deal between Camp Mulla’s record label Sub-Sahara Ltd. and Universal Music Group was announced, barely two weeks after their nominations at the 2012 BET Awards for Best African Act. However, Vibeweekly has learned through reliable sources that nothing is set in stone yet between the two entities, and despite the jubilations and congratulations, there’s no ink on the contract yet although talks are in their advance stages.

Meanwhile, the nature of this partnership will see Universal Music Group distribute and market Camp Mulla’s music in the Southern African region, including online downloads and physical album copies. Also in the package may come concert appearances, magazine covers and an aggressive marketing push.

Negotiations started long before their Big Brother performance and it seems their BET nomination will hopefully hastened talks. An insider close to the deal who chose to remain anonymous because of what’s at stake did not hide the fact that if it goes through, it could easily make members of the Camp Mulla group young multi-millionaires . And although the person would not disclose the exact amount, analysts estimate the figure could be in the Kshs 10 million range or more.

Could it be that Camp Mulla’s people are buying time, hoping that a BET win will give them better bargaining power? It certainly appears so, considering how lucrative the deal sounds from our vantage point.

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